Snap a photo, get a professional design. Planning a beautiful yard has never been this delightful.

Get inspired by this San Jose, California backyard brick pathway transformation.


Great. How does it work?


Complete your Design Profile, where you share a photo of the outdoor space you want landscaped.

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A pro landscape designer creates a design, with hand-selected plants based on your property's unique characteristics + your goals.


Receive a single just-for-your-property design. Comes with a design rendering, shopping list, and planting plan.



The Botanical Makeover includes:

A rendering with plant callouts that shows you how your space could look with the new, proposed plants installed.

Plants hand-selected for your property's unique specifications and your taste.

A full plant list with quantities that you can take to your local nursery or hand off to a landscape contractor.

A planting plan with depth, spacing and sun/shade.




Professional Design Makes All the Difference. 


Stop choosing the wrong plants.

Stop wasting time and money DIYing design when your plants don't thrive or look the way you'd hoped.


Get it right from the start with help from a pro designer.

Let a pro choose the right plants for your space and get a foolproof plan for making your design reality. Love your yard.


Photography tips for your Botanical Makeover

Give us your most challenging outdoor space. We'll give you a beautiful makeover.

  • - Choose a space that fits in a single photo.
  • - Snap and share several shots of your space and your designer will select the best one.
  • - Get as far back as possible so your designer has lots of spacial context.
  • - Panoramic photos are A-OK.

Friendly reminder: Botanical Makeover includes plants only, no architectural or lifestyle elements.

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